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Our full menu includes beers, classic drinks, spirits and mixers but here’s a sneak peek into our famous cocktail menu that is full of theatrics.

We’ve got happy hour every single day, with deals like 2 cocktails for £10 and £2.50 spirit mixers, plus student and industry discounts across the week.

signature cocktails

Our cocktails are quite simply amazing and are a key part of the fun experience. You cannot visit Ballie Ballerson and not try one of these.

classics with a twist

Looking for something a bit more classic? We’ve taken all the most popular classics and given them our signature Ballie twist!


Behind every great night is a cocktail, and at Ballie this is true even if you don’t drink alcohol! Our alcohol free alternative mocktails are just as delicious as ever!

other drinks

If you don’t fancy a cocktail that’s not a problem, friends don’t let friends go thirsty!

We have a range of Singles, Shots, Wines and Prosecco available from the bar!

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