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cocktail trip

Looking to take a trip down cocktail lane? Our bar team knows how to create a real taste adventure. Choose your favourite flavour profile from our cocktail trip menu and you’ll be served 4 stunning cocktails as part of your package.
Our cocktail trips are sold per person which means each person kicks off with a welcome Take Off Martini (think refreshing passionfruit, with a vodka twist for those on our alcoholic based trips) plus another 3 cocktails to give you a real taste of Ballie.

We know that everyone has their favourite type of tipple, even those who are skipping the alcohol, so we’ve made it easy for you to mix and match and select one Trip per person when you get the venue. Book now to get your drinks sorted, plus guaranteed seating and ball pit play all in one which makes organising groups even easier.

Available from £27 per person.
Ballie Ballerson Cocktail Trip
Ballie Ballerson Cocktail Trip

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