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hen do

With a big (and very special) day comes big responsibilities! Our event planning team is here to make things so much easier for you though and the bride squad, so whether you’re looking for brunch, karaoke, personalised cocktails or simply some cocktails, we’re here to help!
Looking for that special hen do venue?

We know that trying to organise the perfect day for your Hen can be tricky (don’t even get us started on those whatsapp groups!) but please don’t worry, we’re here to help!

We’re lucky to have everything in one place so whether you’re looking for boozy brunch, a private karaoke booth, giant glowing ballpits, the perfect booths to discuss Hen stories or something more bespoke, we’ve got it all.

Depending on your group size, we have a range of amazing packages available with everything from personalised welcome cocktails, to prosecco, bottomless neopolitan pizza and of course all the balls you could possible wish for on a hen…

Register your enquiry below and one of your incredible party planners will get back to you ASAP. And please remember no ask is ever too ridiculous, we’re here to make your special day as amazing as possible and we’ve seen it all here at Ballie, we would love to help make your day amazing!

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