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valentines day

All the fun, none of the cringe this 14th of February at Ballie Ballerson Edinburgh…

valentines, galentines or just a great night out…

This Valentines Day, we’ve got something for everyone, so whether you’re looking for the perfect night out with your friends to celebrate gal-entines, a venue to impress your hinge date that won’t be cringe whilst charging you £100 for some unpronounceable menu items or the perfect evening out of fun with your partner, we’re here to help.

For those looking for something a little fancy this Valentines Day, we’ve got a VIP package (tickets are called “Romance Me” at just £24pp) which also include ball pit access, an entire pizza, a strawberry vodka shot, the iconic Ballie Cocktail or Mocktail with special surprise, chocolate covered strawberries and a reserved booth seating area for you to enjoy it all in.

This is perfect for gal-entines, dates, anniversary’s or whatever you’re looking to party for this Valentines day.

So whether you’re loved up, completing the dating apps, having a night out with mates or just looking to do something a little different, everyone is welcome at Ballie and we would love to see you soon!
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