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cleaning our balls

Our balls get a deep clean each and every week and we’ve got the test results to prove it!

Of course, we’ve also got hand sanitizer’s scattered around the venue to kill any germs. Our soap dispensers are always stocked and we’ve got brand spanking new air con to keep cool fresh air flowing through the ball pits, so they’re always at the optimum temperature.

the process

Meet Gobble Muffin.

Despite its teletubbie-esque look, when this specialist ball cleaner gets the run around, it gobbles up around 18,000 balls per hour and gives each ball a good wash and sanitise before popping them out to be dried.

Meanwhile, our cleaning dream team get into all the possible nooks and crannies to make sure our pits are left spotless too! In case you’ve ever wondered, that’s how we find your lost property items every week.

With our strict rules on no drinks or food in our pits, there are no lies being told when we say that our balls are clean enough to eat off.
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ball cleaning machine

what happens next?

Once the overnight drying process is complete, we have the fun task of putting all the balls back in place. This can take a few hours, but the Ballie team are one of a kind so they’ve got the magic touch when it comes to getting our venues ready.

Check out our team getting the pits ready for a night of ballin’…