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Our full menu includes beers, classic drinks, spirits and mixers but you can see a little bit of what to expect right here. Then, expect all the flair when you get to the bar!

We’ve got cocktails from £10.50, shots from £5.50 and discounts every week at our Buy One Get One Free Tuesdays event.

signature cocktails

What would Ballie be without cocktails? The answer is simply not the same. Our signatures are developed by an award winning team using quality ingredients and some very cute finishing touches.
Ballie Ballerson Amazing Cocktail Experiences

classics with a twist

All the classics made in the most delicious way.
Ballie Ballerson Cocktail


Just because you’re saying no to the alcohol, doesn’t mean you deserve anything less than a stunning drink. We’ve got you.

other drinks

There’s always a choice outside of cocktails too. The bartenders are on hand for any request.
Ballie Ballerson Shots and Drinks
Ballie Ballerson Drinks